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Ga'dang is one of the various indigenous communities of Paracelis Mountain Province in the Cordillera region. Ga’dang is their identity, settlement, and language. The extent of their geographic settlement is now referred to as ga'dang ancestral domain.

Ga'dang means high ground as from seashore or riverbank. Long before the colonization of the philippines by the spaniards, a group probably from the malayan invasion came up from the lowlands of the cagayan valley to the higher grounds of eastern cordillera


Margareth Balansi Domawa & Amparo Mabanag

Ga'dang Culture Bearers

Ga’dang Dance & Music Terms


Bumbuwak: Couple/courtship dance

Tontak: Ensemble dance with musicians traveling along dancers


Dance Terms

  • Dumappa - arms raised, head level

  • Mangulafat - arms flapping

  • Malamano - hand shake

  • Misassad - traveling foot work


Instruments: Gansa

Tontak: Wood beaten and faster in rhythm

Bumbuwak: Hand tapped and slower in rhythm

Mayag si Kararwa

(Calling of the soul)

  • balay - house

  • addan - stairs

  • makammang - babaylan or shaman

  • bikol - heirloom bead

  • sinamat - long cloth as pathway

  • karasiya - porcelain bowl

  • baggat - rice grains

Illustration by Don Aguillo

Photo by: This Is It Photography

Culture Bearers: 

Amparo Mabanag & Margareth Balansi Domawa

Parangal’s Ga’dang attires funded in part by Alliance for California Traditional Arts Living Cultures Grants Program 2015

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