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Performance Inquiries

Have an upcoming event - wedding, birthday, festival, pageant, organizational event or an international festival event?

Book Parangal and add Philippine culture to your upcoming event! We can discuss the details of your event so that we can best tailor our program to your event and needs.


Here is some general info that may help answer some of your questions:


  1. The number of performers will depend on dance artists availability and the finalized program that is designed by our Artistic Director.

  2. For performances taking place outside of the Bay Area, parking, travel expenses (2023 mileage reimbursement is $0.585 per mile) and/or accommodations are required for all performing artists.

  3. If you are interested in booking a performance event in the near future, please fill out our performance request form to request a performance and we hope we can make it happen!

  4. Once we gather all info: location, venue, time, dance requests, etc, we would then need to reach out to our dance artists of their availability for that date/time before we can move forward with booking us, which will include a booking fee and setting up a contract with Parangal to confirm all details discussed.  


We would be glad to go over any other questions or details.  Feel free to contact us with further questions! 


Please complete and submit the performance inquiries form.

For company membership or general inquiries, please visit our Contact Us page.

Parangal Performance Inquiry

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