(puh - ruh - ngal)

means tribute

Parangal is a Filipino Folk Dance Group based in the San Francisco, California that Aspires to Inspire.

our mission and vision

Parangal’s mission is to give tribute to Philippine heritage by preserving and promoting ethnic attire, music, and dance through research, workshops, and performances. We aim to serve as a bridge,inspiring and connecting Filipino Americans to their roots to give them a sense of pride and identity, while educating diverse communities to foster awareness and appreciation of Philippine culture.

The specific objectives of Parangal are:

  1.  to provide workshops in ethnic attire, music, and dance inspired from the cultures of the Philippines;

  2. to sponsor special events involving the public performance of any or all of the above art forms as well as other performing arts by the corporation’s performing troupe as well as by other community performing arts groups;

  3. to directly engage in and to provide support for others to engage in the promotion of the arts, generally;

  4.  to nurture existing members more fully in their artistic potential by empowering them with knowledge and freedom to express their connection and pride in the Philippine heritage;

  5.  to continue to learn, share, and impart Philippine folk arts so the traditions can live on for future generations; and

  6. to purchase crafts, ethnic textiles, and instruments directly from various indigenous groups in the Philippines to support and help preserve their respective cultural heritage, ensuring transmission of indigenous skills and techniques to the next generation.

The Work And Soul Of Parangal
Consist Of The Following 5 Pillars


Parangal seeks to learn about the Philippine Indigenous People's culture and arts directly from the knowledge and wisdom of community leaders and culture bearers, in order to gain a greater appreciation and understanding of indigenous ways of life, rituals, traditions, dances, attires, and music.

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Parangal aims to educate members and diverse communities through workshops, performances, its website and social media (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube).


Parangal seeks to preserve the Philippine Indigenous People's culture through performances designed to keep indigenous past and present alive.

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Parangal’s cultural advocacy and quest for justice aims to:

  • Create awareness of the struggles of indigenous people

  • Build bridges between indigenous culture bearers and diverse communities to expand networks of solidarity

  • Distribute indigenous products to support indigenous communities and promote indigenous practices, arts, and crafts

  • Amplify the voice of the marginalized to increase awareness and advance social change


Parangal hopes to inspire community leaders who will carry this knowledge forward and connect the past with the future of Filipino Indigenous Peoples.


Learning about the Philippines
Places & Indigenous People

(Click the map for an interactive map that documents the places Parangal Dance Company has performed cultural immersion and field research to know more about the Indigenous People of the Philippines)


Footprint & Virtual

(Click the map for an interactive map that documents the overall places

Parangal Dance Company has reached either physically during Festivals or virtually via Zoom.)