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Bagobo Tagabawa Attire

The Bagobo constitute one of the largest groups among the indigenous peoples of southern Mindanao. Bagobo are the predominant inhabitants of the vast areas extending from the west coast of Davao Gulf to the high reaches of Davao's famous and significant mountain ranges of Mt. Apo or Apo Sandawa to the tribal people.

Bagobo Poster Artwork by Don Aguillo

Illustration by: Don Aguillo


A rite-of-passage dance performed by sons of the datu, or chieftan. The dance shows the maturation of an eagle (lawin) from egg to adulthood. As the eagle battles with strong mountain winds, he eventually finds his strength.

Sugod Uno

A prayer for choosing fertile fields. The field is selected, the men dig holes with talapak poles, women place grains of rice, and then the dancers celebrate. The music is played on agung drum, and on unique Bagobo tangunggo gongs hung on bamboo frames.

Photo: This Is It Photography

Culture Bearers: Arlyne Desabilla Salazar, Sonia Desabilla Mangune, Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group

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