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Ronia Sespene Tan Lalisan
Board Member - Finance


Ronia Sespene Tan Lalisan

Ronia S. Tan is the Controller of WestEd.  She manages the agency’s Accounting and Procurement Departments. She oversees fiscal functions including general ledger, accounts receivable billing and collection, accounts payable and disbursements, in-house payroll, cash management, financial reporting, auditing and purchasing.  She also serves as WestEd liaison for external and internal audits. Her work has greatly contributed to WestEd’s ranking by the federal government as a low-risk auditee.

She joined Far West Laboratory for Research and Development, now WestEd, in 1983 as an Accounting Clerk and Receptionist through the San Francisco Mayor’s summer youth program. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in accounting from San Francisco State University, she was appointed general ledger accountant. She later served as Accounting Manager and was appointed the agency’s Controller in 1996.

Ronia was born in Ibajay Aklan Philippines.  She immigrated to the United States when she was 20.  She recalls her high school years in the Philippines when she use to perform many folk dances when it was part of the school curriculum then.  When she first saw her younger sisters dancing with Parangal performing Tinikling and other popular dances of her native country, it brought back many fun memories of her childhood.  Since then she has always supported Parangal and watched many of their yearly anniversary shows.  She watched Parangal grow and mature over the years and she herself was learning more and more about the many various indigenous groups of the Philippines. 

Ronia S. Tan
Parangal, Board of Directors Member


Ronia joined as one of Parangal’s Board of Directors in 2019.  Ronia’s vast experience in accounting, finance and procurement have been a huge help and assistance with the finance team and has been greatly appreciated.  Her expertise and wealth of knowledge contributes to keeping Parangal on track and continue to work efficiently and safely.  She is honored to partake as a Board of Director and supports Parangal’s mission.

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