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Nikki Sanchez
Finance Manager


Nikki Sanchez

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Nikki found her passion for Filipino and Filipino-American culture while at Aragon High School, where she performed Philippine Folk Dance for school functions and district wide events. Upon attending the University of San Francisco, she quickly took up a Philippine Studies Minor with the Yuchengco Philippine Studies Program and joined the Filipino-American organization on campus, Kasamahan at USF. There, she continued developing her love for culture and dance by joining Kasamahan's Dance Troupe, running for Kasamahan's executive board, and eventually co-directing the 43rd Annual Barrio Fiesta. Through her time in Kasamahan, Nikki had the opportunity to learn from a number of PDC members, most notably, Kuya Eric Solano. 

Upon completing her time at USF, Nikki later joined Parangal for her first performance: Ethnic Dance Festival 2018! Since then, she has participated in a number of other performance opportunities, including PDC's 10th Anniversary Show in 2018, the KalayaanSF Independence Day Celebration in 2019, and the World Music and Dance Festival in Hakodate, Japan in 2019. Today, you can find Nikki supporting the Leadership Team with managing financial processes and leading various development efforts throughout the year. For Nikki, a proud PDC moment of hers was the opportunity to lead PDC's Annual Giving + Marketing Campaign in 2020, raising $11K+ in funds towards baseline annual expenses and needs of various Indigenous Peoples affected by the shutdown in the Philippines.  

Nikki Sanchez
Parangal, Executive Team Member

Outside of Philippine dance and culture, Nikki is currently studying to become a software engineer as she transitions from her previous industry in accounting and sales processes. She is passionate about building her community and supporting the needs of local businesses, big and small. She hopes to one day be an entrepreneur and create tools that bring positive change to her community and beyond. Nikki is a proud Ate of 3 brothers, 2 cats, and 1 dog and has spent the best 1 and a half years bonding with her siblings in quarantine (surprisingly, with no sarcasm at all!).

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