Tagabanua are the most dominant indigenous group in Palawan known for their ritual, pagdidiwata.  The ritual includes the drinking of rice wine using bamboo straws from stoneware jars traded in from China.

Pagdidiwata ("imploring the aid of the supernatural") is a Tagabanua dance to mend warring factions. The babaylan becomes possessed and whisks coconut leaves to drive away harmful spirits. 

Tarek, the babaylan hears the closing drum and babandil gong. As the community celebrates, she performs a ritual to prevent illness.

Kalooban is the final thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest.

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Photos: This is PhotographyRJ Muna

Resources: Ama Ruperto Emag, Gloria "Dulit" Emag, & Narino Matias Maniapao