The "People of the Lake" (Maranaw, Ranao, Lanon, Hiloona) are one of the larger groups in the country professing Islam. They are settled about Lake Lanao — the largest deep lake in the country. 

The Maranao, however, are best known for the sophistication of their weaving and wood and metal craft. They have produced probably the most spectacular of Philippine vernacular architecture with their impressive torogan. The design motifs which form the basis for their okil is one of the most systematized in the country. Among the more noted of the design motifs of their okil is the sarimanok and naga, which are abstract animate forms of a cock and the dragon or snake, respectively. The awang, the dugout boat they use in Lake Lanao, is probably the most unique of dugouts in the country, if not the most ornate. —National Commission for Culture and the Arts.


Photo: Tak3n Photography 

Resource: Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group