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Parangal (puh-ruh-ngal) means tribute.

Parangal Dance Company is a Filipino Folk Dance Group base in the San Francisco Bay Area that Aspires to Inspire.


Mission & Vision Statement

Parangal Dance Company’s mission is to give tribute to Philippine heritage by preserving and promoting ethnic attire, music, and dance through research, workshops, and performances. We aim to serve as a bridge,inspiring and connecting Filipino Americans to their roots to give them a sense of pride and identity, while educating diverse communities to foster awareness and appreciation of Philippine culture.

The specific objectives of Parangal Dance Company are:
a) to provide workshops in ethnic attire, music, and dance inspired from the cultures of the Philippines;

b)  to sponsor special events involving the public performance of any or all of the above art forms as well as other performing arts by the corporation's performing troupe as well as by other community performing arts groups;

c)  to directly engage in and to provide support for others to engage in the promotion of the arts, generally;

d)  to nurture existing members more fully in their artistic potential by empowering them with knowledge and freedom to express their connection and pride in the Philippine heritage;

e)  to continue to learn, share, and impart Philippine folk arts so the traditions can live on for future generations; and

f)  to purchase crafts, ethnic textiles, and instruments directly from various indigenous groups in the Philippines to support and help preserve their respective cultural heritage, ensuring transmission of indigenous skills and techniques to the next generation.

The work and soul of Parangal Dance Company consist of the following elements

DISCOVER:  Philippine Indigenous people’s culture and arts to gain appreciation, knowledge, and understanding of 

  1. ways of life,
  2. rituals,
  3. traditions,
  4. dances,
  5. attires, and 
  6. music.

PRESERVE: Parangal aims to preserve the Philippine Indigenous People’s culture through performances and workshops with the hope that more people will become inspired to learn about them and most importantly through its members and future leaders of Parangal Dance Company who will pass on the information to the next generations.

EDUCATE: As a dance company, it is Parangal’s commitment to educate its members and the community it serves such as colleges and universities, local and mainstream audiences about the Philippine Indigenous People through

  1. workshops on music, attire, and dance,
  2. performances,
  3. Parangal Dance Company’s website (, and
  4. Parangal Dance Company’s social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

INSPIRE: With the information acquired, that Parangal Dance Company leaders and members, are inspired, aware, and knowledgeable about the Philippines Indigenous People it has researched from so that in return we are able to create a spiral effect of the same to the public and community by

  1. creating inspired dance pieces or production from the research performed based on the information learned from and provided by cultural leaders and cultural masters through interviews, documented rituals, dances, music, and attire details,
  2. documenting the approved inspired piece as reference and resource for members and company’s records,
  3. promoting, through private and public performances, the inspired piece in Parangal Dance Company’s home show and festivals for local and mainstream audiences, and
  4. maintaining the relationship with the cultural elders and cultural masters so that together we can be the bridge to connect the community to indigenous people, culture, and traditions to gain deeper appreciation and knowledge of our Philippine roots.

Discovering the Philippines: Places & Indigenous People

Research in Philippines

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Parangal Group 1

Parangal Group 1

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Parangal Group 2

Parangal Group 2